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Dear friends and readers of romance,

My writing endeavors are varied with a main interest in romance, often romance centered around a musical theme. The youthful dreams of becoming a singer and dancer on the stages of Broadway physically has long passed me by, but I still indulge in those dreams through my writing. Writing romance allows me to soar to a world where everything resolves on an upbeat note. I can create a man who dances in rhythm or a lyrical woman who has a voice of an angel, and easily erase any irritating fault with my pencil eraser or a light tap on the delete key on my laptop.        

Romantic horror is also a thrill for me, for example in my novelette, "Ebony Blood," where my passionate vampire slips into his tuxedo, captivating his love interest by elegant moves on and off the dance floor. When I write I temporarily escape from the harsh knocks of reality and revitalize in my creative dreams. I inspire to accomplish the same objective for my readers. As an adult I haven't lost the gifts of imagination and endless inquisitiveness which unfortunately many adults leave behind when they pass their childhood years. These gifts considerably assist in my creating believable stories.

Personally I'm the mother of three adults; a beautiful 30 year old daughter, a handsome 26 year old son and my youngest creative 22 year old son, diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning autism) which I deal with daily. So you can imagine how writing allows me to take a momentary breath and escape from the stress of life.

Professionally I'm retired from a nursing career in pediatrics where I had so much joy being around the imaginative minds of children. Now married to a man who's still envolving though he believes in the basic idea of romance but battles against my high expectations of romance due to my creative romantic mind.

My writing heroes include Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks for examples. If it was possible I'd dare to climb inside Mr. King's mind for a day to observe his incredible creative thought process. Or maybe not, due to fear towards what I'd experience because I'm sure it'd be a roller coaster ride. Mr. Sparks is a rare breed, being a male who writes romance by using such vivid realistic emotional dialogue.

As for my family, friends and readers of my creative energy, I thank you all for accepting me for the unique creature I am. A woman still existing in a wonderful childlike fantasy world, surrounded by the music of love.

Live out your dreams and always enjoy the music. 

Romantically yours,

Claire Luna-Pinsker 


P.S. I Wish You Forever Romantic Sunsets




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